Spotlight: The Transformation of 'My Princess' Leading Man, Song Seung-Heon!

After leading in the different hit and top-rating Koreanovelas aired in our country, this hot hunk actor is now very famous and favorite of many. The Koreaan name called Song Seung-Heon or Song Seung-Hun is now a household name!

Today, we know him as Ethan, the leading man playing a diplomatic professor in the newest romance-comedy Koreanovela in ABS-CBN called "My Princess"! At first look, we may say that his latest show "My Princess" is his first soap aired in our country. But actually, it is already his fourth!

If we're not mistaken, "My Princess" is actually the fourth Koreanovela of this hunk actor aired in the Philippines. It's great to note that in every characters he played, he has different looks. We can distinguish his character from one Koreean drama to another and mistakenly identify him as a different actor.

Since his three former hit Koreanovelas were all aired in GMA-7 before, we can say that Song Seung-Heon is a Kapuso transferee to Kapamilya! "My Princess" is actually his first TV series aired in ABS-CBN. We saw how Song Seung-Heon grew and shifted characters in the Kapuso network!

Yup, we first loved his character as a kind and a boy-next door Johny in the first Kapuso Primetime Koreanovela, "Endless Love 1: Autumn in My Heart" in 2003. He is a dedicated lover who will do everything, even sacrifice his own life just for the only woman he truly love, Jenny!

Then in early 2005, Song Seung-Heon returned on Kapuso network via another romantic Asian drama. This is via the third installation of "Endless Love" called "Summer Scent" which aired on their afternoon or pre-Primetime block. This time, he is a professional man having a curly long hair!

In the late part of 2010, Song Seung-Heon returned on GMA Telebabad but with a very different look! He is a dirty hot hunk who grew in the street! He portrayed the character of Alfred in an action-drama Korean series "East of Eden"! His dirty look in this said series truly depicted his hotness and yumminess!

And now in 2011, Song Seung-Heon is a cool comedy guy playing the role of Ethan in the romantic comedy Korean series "My Princess"! His character now is totally different from the previous roles he played!

Well, let's see how Song Seung-Heon transforms character from Johny of "Endless Love 1" to Ethan now of "My Princess"! Let's look at him in these photos:

A Boy Next Door Johny of "Endless Love 1: Autumn in My Heart"

A Wise Man in "Endless Love 3: Summer Scent"

A Hot Street Stud Alfred in "East of Eden"

A Comedy Professor Ethan of "My Princess"

He is definitely a very versatile actor! Great! From all the characters he portrayed, we can distinguish him from his previous soap to his latest!

According to this hot sexy actor, his character in "My Princess" is the most cheerful role he has played since making his acting debut in a sitcom 15 years ago.

"I had thought of playing a light and cheerful character and that's when I was handed "My Princess". I really wanted to do it and I felt that viewers will see me in the same light since my role in 'Three Men and Three Women'", Song Seung-Heon explained in an interview!

From the four characters of Song Seung-Heon, which of them do you truly love?! And which of the four hit Koreanovelas of him is your favorite?!

Good job Song Seung-Heon! We are looking forward for more and more TV series from you! Keep up the good work! And hope to see you soon here in the Philippines! c",)

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  1. i love him more in my princess and also his character.