Spotlight: Meeting a Beautiful 'My Princess', Kim Tae-Hee!

Every afternoon, our bored life is being awaken by a beautiful princess! Their romance-comedy Koreanovela drives boredom away! After we got to know her hot and sexy hunk leading man, time now to meet the very beautiful princess, Kim Tae-Hee!

Kim Tae-Hee is the lead star of the newest Kapamilya Koreanovela, "My Princess". She is playing the character of Lizelle, an ordinary student who makes a living from dressing up like a princess, turns out to be a real princess!

Just like Song Seung-Heon who is her leading man in this said soap, Kim Tae-Hee actually shifted roles! From heavy drama and deadly action roles, Kim Tae-Hee switch to romance comedy!

If you can still recall, Kim Tae-Hee already starred in different hit Koreanovelas aired in our country. Two of these were "Stairway To Heaven" which aired in GMA Telebabad in 2004 and "Forbidden Love" which aired in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida in 2005. "Stairway To Heaven" is a heavy drama while "Forbidden Love" is an action-fantasy series wherein she portrayed the character of a she-wolf warrior!

From her previous characters, her role now in "My Princess" is very unique! She is now more funny, full of humor, and very cool!

Kim Tae-Hee's character now gave her opportunity to explore something new. “I decided to take the role because I felt that Lee Seol (Lizelle) was the opposite of my own personality. She’s very cute and is honest in expressing her true emotions. She’s such a lovely person and I’m jealous of that,” Kim Tae-Hee shared!

“When I first read the script, I was worried about whether Lee Seol’s bright and lovely personality would match with mine. I decided to take the challenge after thinking that there had to be an ‘Lee Seol’ inside of me somewhere. For 2-3 months, I watched at least 3-4 romantic comedies, dramas, and movies and practiced my acting. I’ll be showing off a unique ‘Lee Seol’-like character that cannot be seen in any other romantic comedies,” Kim Tae-Hee further expressed!

"My Princess" is also the first time that Kim Tae-Hee works together with Song Seung-Heon. Kim Tae-Hee furher revealed that working with Song Seung-Heon made her act naturally without any pressure!

Nice one Kim Tae-Hee! She is also one of the reason why "My Princess" is today's favorite daytime Korean series! Keep it up! We hope to see you soon in other more exciting new Korean series! And hope to visit us here in the Philippines! c",)

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