Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes on the New Rejoice Shampoo TVC!

The two favorite lead stars of the top-rating Primetime TV series "Mara Clara" are the newest endorser of Rejoice shampoo.

Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are very beautiful in this newest TV commercial. If in their hit TV series we always see them crying or performing heavy drama scenes, this time they are very cool! They are singing and dancing with the new jingle of Rejoice shampoo. And if on TV we always see them fighting, this time, they are very good friends! Nice!

Well, let's watch this very chilling and inspiring new TV commercial of Rejoice shampoo featuring Mara or Ms. Kathryn Bernardo and Clara or Ms. Julia Montes. Here they go:

We super like it! Very nice and cool! The true beauty of these two teen superstars truly come out in this TV commercial.

This only proves that Julia and Kathryn are undeniably the hottest young stars today. After their great Bench billboard, their soon to be movie together under Star Cinema, here comes a TV commercial where teenagers would truly love! Thanks to "Mara Clara" which truly became a big success! It didn't only dominates the rating game. It also gives rise to two newest teen superstars of this generation!

And, it seems that Rejoice has a perfect choice in choosing the right stars to be their model-endorser. After Kim Chiu, here comes Kathryn and Julia! Great!

Nice one Kathryn and Julia! Another two thumbs up to the two of you. Keep on soaring higher. Hope to see you in other more TV series and movie projects after "Mara Clara"! c",)

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  1. Kathryn really looks so good in this commercial because of her hair, and looks.