Rico Blanco is Now a Dangerous Powerful Monster in 'Imortal!'

The OPM icon Rico Blanco got his very first acting stint via the phenomenal hit fantasy series "Imortal". We couldn't imagine that a singer like him is also a great actor!

At first, his role as Lucas in "Imortal" is like a supporting one. He is kind, weak, and a boy-next door type who is loving Lia (Angel Locsin).

Lucas is also the brother of Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) after his real daddy adopted Mateo. Lucas is actually a werewolf, a very weak werewolf who cannot transform to be werewolf! His mother is actually a she-wolf and his father Don Simon is a human. But since he is very weak, he seems useless specially to his dad.

The rivalry between Mateo and Lucas started when Mateo and Lia became a lover. In addition to this, the attention and trust in handling business matters given by his father to Mateo risen their rivalry!

Lucas started to become a villain when he told Lucille (Vivian Velez) that Mateo is the "itinakdang bampira" during the Mateo-Lia marriage. And because of this incident, the supposed to be marriage didn't prosper. Mateo and Lia were even killed by the werewolf armies!

The villain act of Lucas continue when he fooled Lia that he is the man Lia truly loves during the time that Lia lost her memories. And when the memory of Lia returned, the marriage of the two opposing creatures took place!

Because of too much bitterness, Lucas decided to let go the vampire leader Magnus (Jake Roxas) so that he will kill Mateo. But he was bitten by this vampire!

The result of Magnus' bite made Lucas transform into a powerful monster! He can't control himself whenever he becomes angry! He killed many people unconsciously!

Now Lucas is set to kill both Lia and Mateo as well as the whole humanities of people, werewolves, and vampires!

With his role as Lucas, Rico Blanco's acting is superb! If we didn't know him, we can mistakenly identify himself as a real actor! But actually, this is Rico's very first acting stint in a TV series!

Great one Rico Blanco! You proved that you're not only a great singer but also a great actor! We hope and we're looking forward for your more TV series and possible movie projects to come! Two thumbs up idol! c",)

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