Get to Know the Characters of 'Good Vibes!'

"Good Vibes" is the newest teen-oriented TV series in the Kapamilya network that will premiere this Sunday afternoon right after "ASAP Rocks".

The story will revolve around the two half brothers Marc Pedroza and Troy Cabrera as well as the people and friends around them. They are members of a dance troupe having one goal of bringing home the victory!

We already knew the characters of Marc and Troy who will be played by the two Kapamilya teen heartthrobs Sam Concepcion and Enrique Gil. But who are the other people around these two brothers?!

Well, let's all meet them! Here are the main teen cast and characters of "Good Vibes" who will dance with the beat of life every Sunday:

Sam Concepcion as Marc Pedroza
"The Good Son"

He is the legitimate son, the son of the principal, the president of the dance troupe, and a student running for valedictorian.

Enrique Gil as Troy Cabrera
"The Illegitimate Son"

Solely raised by his mother. Becomes a rebel boy after the death of his mother. He is an orphaned who will live together with the family of his real father.

Arron Villaflor as Franco Mendoza
"The Bestfriend"

The bestfriend of Marc who is practically part of Marc's family. He is well-known in school but seems 'presko' with the girls.

Ivan Dorschner as Gab Weiss
"The Mysterious Guy"

He's an upper middle class guy who just recently arrived and stayed in the country. He is a mysterious guy who always fetch Geleen from school.

James Reid as Spencer Ziff
"The Sickly Dude"

He is the cousin of Franco who will live in the Philippines from Australia. He comes from a middle-class family.

Chikara Nawa as Wowie Ogiya
"The Gender Bender"

The upper-middle class geeky guy who seems an outcast and a weird person. He's athletic, hip-hop, loves fashion, cooking, and other 'girly' things.

Devon Seron as Maribeth Tamayo
"The No. 1 Pare"

A tomboyish girl who is also a childhood friend of Troy. She is secretly inlove with Troy. She always have a racket and always wants to earn for her family.

Linn Oeymo as Geleen Weiss
"The Dream Girl"

She is an upper-middle class girl who just recently arrived and stayed in the Philippines. She is a new student who loves to stay and live in the country.

Heidi Riego as Jaimie Sarmiento
"The Romantic"

She is an upper-middle class girl who views love very romantic but afraid to fall inlove. She is also good dancer.

Yen Santos as Ara Gonzales
"The Secret Admirer"

She is a popular girl in the school who is secretly inlove with Marc. She is member of the dance troupe although not good in dancing. She's the logistic of the group.

Kazel Kinouchi as Lea Carlos
"The Queen Bee"

She is a rich and an 'alta sosyedad' girl who has a Mean Girl image in school.

Coleen Garcia as Monique Castillejo
"The Ex"

The ex-girlfriend of Marc who comes from a middle-class family of achievers that's why she wants to be a valedictorian. She has so many extra-curricular in school wherein soccer is her favorite among these.

Aside from the main teen characters, completing the extended cast are Dominic Ochoa, Yayo Aguila, Kristel Moreno and Ms. Maribeth Bitchara. Dominic plays the character of Nestor Pedroza, the school principal and the father of Marc and Troy. Yayo is Amanda Pedroza who is Nestor's supportive wife. Kristel then is Carmi Pedroza, the loving and perfect daughter who always supports her brother Marc. And Maribeth is Ms. Alexandra Torres, the ambitious school vice-principal who wants to be a principal. She wants the students to focus on academics that's why she hates the dance troupe!

Well, are you excited for these characters?! Definitely! So let's start dancing with them starting this afternoon and feel and let the "Good Vibes" coming! Great! It's such another promising teen-oriented TV series! c",)

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  1. we love IVAN DORSCHER bagay sila ni JESY MENDIOLA,,lakas ng apil nila

    love ko din si ENRIQUE GIL AT JAMES REID,,
    ok si SAM CONCEPCION sa singing at hosting,,hes smart e,,pero pinaka love ko si ivan,,pang leading man tlaga,,parang si COGIE DOMINGO,,

    sa mga girls,,wala pang nag bobloom tlaga ang ganda,,wala lang,,

  2. im exited para sa next episode..
    Manalo kaya sila???? i hope manalo kayo..
    one thing papala like ko costume nyo

  3. im exited para sa next episode..manalo kaya ang sinagdiwa???? hope manalo kayo..onething pa like cu costume nio...
    GOGOGO guys...JIIAnne