"All I Need Is Love" - The 'Good Vibes' Theme Song Music Video

"Good Vibes" is the most exciting newest teen-oriented TV series to premiere this afternoon. New and fresh faces of showbiz teens such as Sam Concepcion, Enrique Gil, Devon Seron, Arron Villaflor, Ivan Dorschner, and James Reid lead this show.

Aside from the cast and story, another thing which makes this Sunday afternoon series exciting and interesting is its theme song. The thing song of "Good Vibes" is called "All I Need is Love" and the former PBB Teen Clash Housemate Bret Jackson sung it!

The song is very cool and inspiring! We really love its beat, its rhythm, and its message! Bret truly sings it very well. And it perfectly fits this youth-oriented TV series.

So, let's all watch this cool music video of 'All I Need is Love", the original soundtrack of "Good Vibes"! Here it goes:

It seems that the former PBB Teen Clash foreign housemate top three heartthrobs namely Ivan Dorschner, James Reid, and Bret Jackson reunited in this weekly youth TV series. Ivan and James are part of the main cast while Bret sung the OST! Nice!

In the MTV, important scenes and chapters from the series were shown. And they truly fit the lyrics of Bret's song! Great!

With this theme, it seems that there is another new teen favorite song to rise. Thanks that Bret truly makes a great performance for the soundtrack.

So are you ready to feel and dance with the "Good Vibes"? Definitely! It's such another sure click TV series this will be! c",)

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