The Piolo Pascual - KC Concepcion Century Corned Tuna TV Commercial!

They were very cute and lovely! They were truly sweet! Their pair really inspires many.

After the controversial admittance of the ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual that KC Concepcion is now his girlfriend, this hot couple is now seen in different TV commercials and endorsements. And one of these is the Century Corned Tuna TV commercial.

Let's all watch this very sweet and romantic TV commercial of Piolo and KC for Century Tuna. And of course, let's also see the behind the scene footage of this two hot showbiz royalties for this newest TVC. Here they go:

The TV Commercial:

Behind the Scene:

The TVC is very nice and romantic! Viewers were really loving them! As they say, Piolo and KC are today's perfect pair! Nice!

Aside from showcasing the perfect sweet tandem of real-life lover Piolo and KC, the hot and sizzling bodies of Piolo and KC were featured! As you can see, Papa P. is very hot and yummy. He wears an open polo wherein his sexy yummy abs were exposed!

Meanwhile, KC is also very sexy and beautiful wearing a blue dress. She is now a very beautiful and attractive lady!

Well, what can you say about this newest Century Corned Tuna TV commercial? Do you like or love it? How about the tandem of Piolo and KC?! They were truly great! Good luck to you Piolo and KC! c",)

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  1. I love to watch the new ad of century corned tuna. Piolo and KC are really best endorsers. They projects well for the product and look best. No other pair can beat this couple.

  2. I super love the tv ad of KC and Piolo. I want more of them.

  3. I hope century corned tuna will keep on featuring them on tv and print ads. I bought the product because of KC and Piolo and I also found the century corned tuna a yummy product.