Photos and Wallpapers of 'My Princess!'

The Best Romance Koreanovela of 2011 will finally premiere today via ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold. This is a romance-comedy or rom-com Korean TV series which will truly drive away boredom in our lazy afternoon.

"My Princess" combines Korea's two hottest stars. This is a team-up of Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung-Heon.

Kim Tae Hae previously hit our TV screens via the previous Koreanovelas like "Forbidden Love" and "Stairways to Heaven". Meanwhile, Song Seung-Heon is already an instant heartthrob here in our country as he played lead roles in the hit Koreanovelas like "Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart" and "East of Eden"!

So before we witness the grand premiere of "My Princess", be the first to see this cute and inspiring promotional photos and wallpapers of this exciting new Asian TV series. Here they go:

Promotional Photos and Wallpapers:

It's truly a 100% Kilig Koreanovela! Hope that you already download these cool wallpapers and store it in your PC or laptop so you will be inspired and feel inlove over and over again!

Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung-Heon portray the characters of Lizelle and Ethan. Lizelle is actually a real princess who will undergo training with the diplomat Ethan. But actually the monarch families of Lizelle and Ethan had conflicts in the past!

Two different people will be bonded by love! How will love fills the gap between their difference?!

It's another cool Koreanovela that will chill our hot summer days! "My Princess" premieres today before "Mula Sa Puso"! "My Princess" and "Mula Sa Puso", two grand premieres to watch out from the Kapamilya network! Great! C",)

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  1. can i ask you where can i watch the tagalog dubbed of my princess i really want to watch this but we don't have channel 2 we have 102 and every 5:00 its provincial news pls give me informtion where can i watch the taglog dubbed online thank you:)