The Return of the Two Exciting TV Series Remakes Tonight!

Tonight, a very exciting battle of the Primetime TV series will take place! The two rival networks will launch comebacks of the two well-loved TV series!

The Kapamilya network brings back their so-called Primera Klaseng Soap Opera, "Mula Sa Puso" before their news program "TV Patrol".

The Kapuso network on the other hand brings back the most popular Pinoy Superhero, "Captain Barbell" right after their news program "24 Oras"!

"Mula Sa Puso"..."Captain Barbell"! What are the similarities of these two Primetime new TV series?!

Mula Sa Puso

Captain Barbell

First of all, they are both remakes and already their second time around to be aired on TV. The first "Mula Sa Puso" was aired in 1997 while the first "Captain Barbell" TV series was aired in 2006.

The second thing, did you notice? Their timeslots are coming back to back, before and after a news program! "Mula Sa Puso" will be right before "TV Patrol" while "Captain Barbell" will be right after "24 Oras"! And it means, before a news program we can watch a new teleserye and after a news program, we can also watch a new teleserye! Great!

The third point is that, two previous hit TV series now return with different stars! Though Richard Gutierrez still reprise the role of "Captain Barbell", his co-stars like his leading ladies and villains were all new cast! And of course in "Mula Sa Puso", all the stars are new! JM De Guzman, Lauren Young, and Enrique Gil are the new main cast of "Mula Sa Puso" with Eula Valdez as the new evil villain! Hmmm...I think that it's better for GMA-7 to give the role of "Captain Barbell" to the new actor rather than to Richard Gutierrez again!

"Mula Sa Puso" will fight head to head with "Magic Palayok" while "Captain Barbell" will fight head to head with "Mutya"! But do you think it's better if "Mula Sa Puso" will fight head to head with "Captain Barbell"?! Meaning, do you want them to be in the same timeslot rather than before and after a news program?!

And which of these two new TV series remakes excites you more?! Which is more interesting?! Which will you avidly watch?!

It's gonna be another exciting event will happen tonight in Telebabad and in Primetime Bida! Good luck "Mula Sa Puso" and "Captain Barbell"! Hope you will both bring home the bacon to your respective TV station! Nice! c",)

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