Tragedy Now Starts in the Life of Jerome in 'Green Rose!'

The much-awaited chapter in this newest Philippine adaptation called "Green Rose" will finally be seen tonight!

This is the chapter wherein Jerome (Jericho Rosales) was framed up by Edward (Jake Cuenca)! Jerome will be instructed to meet Chairman (Ricardo Cepeda). But Jerome will be trapped in the burning house together with the dying father of his girlfriend Angela (Anne Curtis)!

Here is a quick teaser of this upcoming episode of "Green Rose"! Let's all watch this:

This scene marks the start of different tragedies in the life of Jerome. He will be accused of burning the said house and killing the father of Angela since her father didn't want the romance of Jerome and Angela!

Jerome will be imprison and will suffer the penalty of the crime he didn't done!

Who do you think is the real mastermind of killing the Chairman?! And why he did it?! Is Mr. Edward Fuentabella the man behind all these crimes?! What then will happen to the romance of Jerome and Angela?!

These were some of the most exciting new developments we should watch out tonight and in the succeeding episodes of "Green Rose" every night right after "Imortal" only in the ABS-CBN's dominating Primetime Bida! Nice! c",)

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  1. wow,,ang actingan sa green rose,,lve ko yung role nila,,galing nila,,,intense,,,