Coco Martin Plays a Dual Role in 'Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin!'

The Prince of Indie Film who is now a mainstream actor Mr. Coco Martin will portray a dual role in the upcoming new action-drama TV series "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"!

It's surprising and interesting to see how Coco plays a dual role in this exciting teleserye. On the first previous full trailer of the said soap, we just thought that Coco will only portray the character of the military soldier Sgt. Alexander Sebastiano. But on the new teasers and full trailer, we all witness that another character will be played by this hot hunk actor. He will even give life to the terrorist Javier who is a direct enemy of Sgt. Alexander.

Would you like to compare and contrast the two characters of Coco Martin?! Well, let's meet Alexander and Javier, the two characters of the one and only Coco Martin! Here they are:

Coco Martin as Javier:

Coco Martin as Alexander:

What do you think will be the relationship of Javier and Alexander in the story?! Are they a twin brother?! How come that the one is a military soldier while the other is a terrorist?! Is Ms. Lorna Tolentino their real mother in the story?! Or it was Ms. Amy Austria?!

The mystery between the real personality of Alexander and Javier is the most important thing we should need to know in the story of "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin". People were really curious about it! The revelation of the dual character of Coco Martin makes the avid viewers more interested about it! Me too can't really wait and see this!

Though portrays by only one actor who is Coco Martin, we can really see the difference between Javier and Alexander. Aside from having a curly long hair for Javier while a normal short hair for Alexander, the acting attack of Coco in these two roles is truly different! Once more, this proves how Coco Martin is a very versatile good actor! Another promising role for this sexy yummy hunk! Nice!

We're looking forward for another remarkable character of Coco Martin in this new TV series! Great job Coco! More power! Another two thumbs up! c",)

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  1. hay nako,,,ilayo nyo sa TAYONG DALAWA ang stroyline nito,,para di kayo mabatikos,,

    i love coco,,magaling na actor,,,sana isinama dito si COGIE DOMINGO O PATRICK GARCIA,,para labanan sa actingan diba,,

    i love it kase di say love na tv series,,yung role o karakter ang mas focus dito,,,i love the sttings,,kase action tlaga,,,at yung matured looks,galaw at pananalita ng mga stars,,,kudos,,lets see,..