Some Sexy Scenes in 'I Love So (Autumn's Concerto)!'

The daytime Chinovela of the Kapamilya network starring the Taiwanese F4 model-actor Vaness Wu and the actress Audrey An is getting hotter and hotter! Aside from the deep romantic story which keeps it in and hot to the viewers, there were also some sizzling scenes that we should watch out!

Vanees and Audrey made a lot of bed scenes here in their TV series "I Love So (Autumn's Concerto)!" Yeah, that's why they have a love child in the story!

Well let's take a quick glance on some of the different sexy scenes of Vaneess portraying the character of Stanley and Audrey playing the role of Michelle! Here they are:

In these sexy scenes, we really see the art of romance! They were not really the so-called x-rated but rather, they were very artistic!

We can really expect more sexy scenes from Vaness since he truly possesses a sexy hot yummy body! He can carry these kind of sizzling scenes!

On the next episodes of this Asianovela, get ready to witness more romantic encounters of Stanley and Michelle. They really prove their love from one another!

"I Love You So" or originally called as "Autumn's Concerto" is a daytime Asianovela offering of ABS-CBN. Its timeslot is before "Sabel"! Right now, more and more viewers were getting hooked in this Taiwanese TV series! Keep it up and more power to this show! c",)

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  1. hay nako,,dapat tayo ineexport din ang mga tv series natin sa ibang lahi,,,,mas deserving tayo noh,,echos!!wahhahahah,..

    mas tayo ang dapat ginagaya,,at binibili at kinokopya,,,yesssss///