Poll Result: Lee Min Ho Won Over Jerry Yan!

The battle between the two hottest Asianovela heartthrobs is over! The "King of Asianovela" versus the "Asianovela Superstar", who's your bet?! People finally speak!

The Korean F4 Leader Lee Min Ho won over the Taiwanese F4 Leader Jerry Yan! Jun Pyo emerged victorious against Dao Ming Shi!

Here is the complete poll survey result of these two hotties:

As you can see, from the 1,450 overall total votes garnered by this poll, Lee Min Ho got a landslide victory over Jerry with an overall total votes of 1,013 or 69%!

On the other hand, Jerry Yan only receives 437 total votes or 30%!

It's interesting to know that in the first days of this poll survey, Jerry Yan leads over Lee Min Ho. But on the later part, the fans and fanatics of Lee Min Ho didn't let their idol fall They fully supported Lee Min Ho until the heartthrob got the sweetest landslide victory over Jerry! Nice!

The comparison between Jerry Yan and Lee Min H0 started last 2009 when the Korean version of "Meteor Garden" called "Boys Over Flowers" aired and became a huge hit! Fans of the two actors keep on comparing Jun Pyo to Dao Ming Shi who were both leaders of the powerful and richest group, F4!

The Korean F4 leader eventually got the attention of many! From "Boys Over Flowers", Lee Min Ho got other more TV series and movie projects! He even endorses different products! His latest Primetime Koreanovela was "Perfect Match" wherein he played the character of a man pretending to be a gay Gino! Viewers really love the said show and keep on downloading their theme song!

The fame now got by Lee Min Ho was first received by Jerry Yan way back in 2003 during the heat of their Chinovela "Meteor Garden". He also bagged different endorsements, new movies, and other more interesting TV series!

On this poll survey Lee Min Ho got the victory! Well, if I were to ask you, do you think Lee Min Ho deserves to win over Jerry Yan?!

Well, let's all congratulates Lee Min Ho! People, fans, viewers, and friends out there were really loving this Asianovela heartthrob superstar! Great! Two thumbs up for your success! Gu Jun Pyo! c",)

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