A Sizzling Back-To-Back Finale of Two 'Precious Hearts Romances' Series!

An explosive and a sizzling back-to-back finale of two hottest "Precious Hearts Romances Presents" TV series will take place today! One in the daytime and one in the Primetime!

"Alyna" and "Kristine", the hottest and the sexiest TV series today based from the PHR pocketbook will face their respective final destination today. And these two teleseryes promised us a sizzling ending we shouldn't miss!

In the afternoon, we will have the so-called 'ang naglalagablab na pagwawakas' for "Alyna" while in the evening, we will witness a so-called 'ang pinakamainit na pagtatapos' for "Martha Cecilia's Kristine"!

Which of these two endings excite you more?! Which do you think will have the hottest ending?! And which will you prefer to watch?!

Actually these two sexy TV series have many things in common. Well, aside that the stories were both taken from the PHR pocketbook, can you spot their other similarities?!

The first thing is that they were both sexy and hot! The main cast and characters were all sexy and daring. All of them really shows skins. The ladies like Shaina Magdayao, Kaye Abad, Beauty Gonzales, Bangs Garcia, Iya Villania, Kristel Moreno, and Cristine Reyes showed their daring sides! Of course, who would not feel hot and reach their climax as you always see topless hunk yummy actors like Jason Abalos, Edward Mendez, Rafael Rosell, and Zanjoe Marudo?! These guys always appear on TV screen topless or naked showing their yummy abs and muscles!

Second, the main character of the two story both suffer from amnesia! Alyna (Shaina) and Jewel (Cristine) both had an amnesia and forgot their real lives! And both of them were searching for their real mothers!

The third thing is that, in the finale of these two series, the wicked main villains kidnapped the main character. Lilet (Kaye Abad) kidnapped Alyna while Margarita (Irma Adlawan) kidnapped Jewel! And they will explode the lead stars later on!

The fourth is that both Jewel and Alyna have their babies!

And the fifth one is that JM De Guzman appears in both these two shows! In "Alyna", JM plays the character of Yael while in "Kristine", he portrays Nathaniel!

And there were many bed scenes or love scenes shown by these two soaps! Hottah! Hottah!

Well aside from these things, what are the other similarities of "Kristine" and "Alyna"?! Can you spot them?!

But still both "Alyna" and "Kristine" changes our TV series habit. They two were both top-rating teleseryes! And they two were now today's favorites. Due to the high ratings got by these two programs, "Alyna" is extended until February while "Kristine" had its Book 2!

Congratulations for both of you "Alyna" and "Kristine"! You two were very hot and successful TV series installation of PHR! More power to the rest of the casts! We really don't dare miss your finales! Good luck! c",)

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