The Prophecy is Now Taking Place in 'Imortal' Season 2!

The battle between the werewolves and the vampires intensifies! The so-called 'labanang pangil sa pangil' is now taking place!

The phenomenal hit fantasy series of ABS-CBN called "Imortal" is now on its second season! If we love the season 1, definitely here in the second season, we will love it more as more battle, more suspense, and more breath-taking episodes will be witness!ed Their so-called prophecy ('propesiya') will now take place!

Lia (Angel Locsin), the chosen werewolf ('itinakdang lobo') is about to fight her former one and true love Matteo (John Lloyd Cruz), her counter chosen vampire ('itinakdang bampira')!

On the last night's episode, we witnessed the death of these two lead characters. Matteo was being killed by the werewolf soldiers on the time that he is about to save his father Roman (Jomari Yllana). On the same time, Lia was gunshot many times when she is about to save Matteo! Both of them were taken unconsciously by the people who love them (Samantha and Lucas)!

Matteo will now accept his role as 'itinakdang bampira' after knowing that his father was killed by the werewolves. He will seek revenge by the trial they undergone! He will kill all the werewolves!

Lia on the other hand will expect that Matteo is already dead! Knowing this, she will live a new life and with a new personality! Yeah, while Lia knew that Matteo is dead, Matteo on the other hand also knew that Lia is dead!

How will fate bring back the path of Lia and Matteo together?! If on the first season Lia and Matteo were loving each other, here in the second season, they will fight one another since they two were now protecting their respective clans!

It's really exciting new episodes we will yet to see in the second season of "Imortal"! Every episode each night is really a climax! Two thumbs up! It really deserves a well-round of applause! Truly standing ovation!

And in accordance of the Season 2 of this phenomenal hit romance-action-suspense fantasy series, above is its official TV series poster! The picture speaks a thousand words! Great, great, great "Imortal"! For many, "Imortal" is truly the best teleserye ever! Nice! c",)

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