New Poll: 'Mara Clara' Then and Now!

Today's "Mara Clara" which is the remake of the 90's hit teleserye of the same title is also another top-rating hit teleserye today! It dominates the different TV ratings both in Mega Manila and in Nationwide!

The original "Mara Clara" is topbilled by Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Ms. Gladys Reyes. It is the longest teleserye in the history of Philippines television which lasted for 5 solid years! It started in 1992 and ended in 1997! And during that period, it's really a huge hit!

It even launched the career of Juday and Gladys. With this soap opera, Judy Ann Santos is hailed as the "Queen of Pinoy Soap Opera". On the other hand, Gladys Reyes is also crowned as the " Best Primera Kontrabida" following the footsteps of Ms. Bella Flores!

With the legacy of "Mara Clara", it is now called as the "Ina ng Pinoy Teleserye"!

In 2010, ABS-CBN who originally aired "Mara Clara" in 90's launched their remake of the said soap. This time, two newbie teen actresses namely Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes reprise the characters of Mara and Clara respectively!

Though they were very new in the industry, their version of "Mara Clara" makes another legacy! It is a consistent top-rating TV series both nationwide and in Mega Manila. They even became the talk of the town! And both Kathryn and Julia were appreciated and now rose in fame!

Just like the love team of Juday and Wowee De Guzman before who originally played Mara and Christian, Kathryn Bernardo and Albie Casino's love team and who were now the new Mara and Christian also become famous and got many fans!

With the two versions of "Mara Clara" then and now, our new TV series craze poll opens! Our poll survey question now goes, "Which is your Favorite Mara Clara Version, the original Judy Ann Santos-Gladys Reyes original version in the 90's or this newest Kathryn Bernard-Julia Montes version in the modern age?!"

Well start casting your votes! You may chose either "Mara Clara" 90's Original Version or the new "Mara Clara" 2010 remake! You may vote on our voting area on the right side panel! Good luck! C",)

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  1. top rating show talaga ang mara clara..mabuhay ang abs cbn..

  2. ng dahil sa Mara Clara, napilitan akong magpakabit ng TFC dito mismo sa kwarto ko para makapag isang mag emote sa bawat episode na inihahandog ng abs cbn...mj from azizia island Jeddah,KSA