The Lia Ortega-Mateo Rodriguez Nuptial in 'Imortal!'

January 2011 is really the month and the season of weddings! After the Kristine Hermosa-Oyo Boy Sotto and Roxanne Guinoo-Elton Yap weddings, another wedding event is featured here in your favorite site. This time, it's the Lia Ortega-Mateo Rodriguez nuptial!

Yup, your two favorite main characters in the top-rating phenomenal hit fantaserye "Imortal" is about to tie the knot! The characters of Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz here in the TV series is having their wedding! And this is the biggest event in the world of 'Waya' since Lia is now their so-called "Punong Bantay"!

Just like in the different wedding events I've featured here, here are some of the photos taken from their most memorable event! Let's take a quick glance on them:

Lia wearing her white wedding gown is very beautiful! The true beauty of Ms. Angel Locsin really comes out in this event! Wow!

And of course his groom Mateo is also handsome! John Lloyd Cruz is very neat and formal in his wedding attire! I even like the lines in one the particular scenes in this wedding wherein Lia and Matteo appreciated one another! Matteo says, "ang ganda mo ngayon...!" Lia even replied, "ang gwapo mo din ngayon...!" Very romantic!

Now let's watch this particular wedding video of Mateo and Lia in "Imortal"!

Oh no! What the heck?!! It seems that the wedding will not prosper! The she-wolf villain Lucille Zaragoza (Vivian Velez) is here! Is she invited?!

Lucille is trying to stop the wedding! She revealed in front of the whole werewolves that Mateo Rodriguez is the "itinakdang bampira" who will kill all of them!

So sad! The most inspiring and most romantic event of the year will turn into the most tragic chapter in the world of werewolves and vampires! As you can see in the next episodes' trailer, both Lia and Mateo were imprisoned! And Mateo will be shot to kill infront of the public!!

The next episode will be the most exciting part! We will see how Lia and Mateo fight for their romance against their races! Actually every episode is a climax here in "Imortal"! It's such another must-see and breath-taking chapter here in the one and only hottest fantaserye on TV, "Imortal"! Great one! Angel and Lloydie were the best! Thumbs up! Can't wait on the next episode! C",)

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