Rivalry Intensifies Between Mara and Clara in 'Mara Clara'!

The so-called "Ina ng Pinoy Soap Opera" "Mara Clara" is getting more and more exciting every night in Primetime Bida. The much awaited battle of Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) and Clara (Julia Montes) started and intensified!

On the recent episode, Mara was almost killed by her father Gary (Jhong Hilario). It's because during the party, Clara saw Mara and Christian (Albie Casiño) together. Clara misinterpreted what she saw and she told Gary that Mara is flirting Christian. According to her, Mara was a backstabber, a traitor! She wants to get all she had even though she gave Mara all that she wanted!

Gary was very angry and she punched Mara from the party until in their home! Bloody, injured, and helpless, Mara was brought to the hospital!

Susan (Mylene Dizon) took care of her daughter. She said that from now on, she wouldn't anymore allow Gary to hurt Mara!

Even Carlo (Ping Medina) was shocked on the physical abuse Gary did to Mara. Carlo will protect Mara and he said that he will tell Del Valle couple that Mara is their real long lost heiress.

Very exciting and very breath-taking! Tomorrow, we will see how Carlo and Gary fight because of Mara. And we will see the renewed Susan, a mother that will now fight for her daughter!

Well, these were some of the reasons why people were getting hooked on this TV series! Actually "Mara Clara" is now the No. 1 TV program based on the Kantar Media National TV ratings. It got a victorious 27.1% rating last December 8 which made it a No. 1 TV show. It even kicked-off "Jilian Namamasko Po" which only got a 14.6% rate!

Nice! I'm even got hooked with this teleserye! Awesome! It seems that our nights wouldn't be completed without watching this! Keep it up "Mara Clara"! We're really excited for its every night's episode and to the development of the story! Two thumbs up! C",)

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