The Maggie Wilson - Victor Consunji Sexy Prenuptial Video!

The prenuptial video of the sexy actress-model Maggie Wilson and the hunk model Victor Consunji is very controversial! It is now circulating around the world wide web and truly the talk of the internet world and of the different social networking sites!

It's because the said video is like a 'sex video' since the scenes were very sexy and daring! Many said, it is more like a post-nuptial video rather than a prenuptial!

Well for me, I like how it was presented! Yeah, it's too hot but it clearly depicts the passion in their romance! The said video gives a unique image in the tradition prenuptial videos we used to watch.

Below is the complete prenuptial video of Maggie and Victor. According to the couple, they just wanted something different as opposed to the generic “pa-cute” videos. Maggie further revealed in an interview on PEP that the video is just a teaser for the “Final Director’s Cut,” which will be shown on December 18, 2010 during their wedding reception at the luxurious Misibis Bay Resort in Legaspi, Albay. seems so interesting! For now, let's all watch they so-called prenuptial video teaser! Thanks to Jason Magbanua for this video. So hot! C",)

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