Poll Result: Enchong Dee is the Most Promising New 'Agimat' Superhero!

If the hunk action drama prince actor Gerald Anderson emerged as the most-loved "Agimat" superhero in our recent poll survey from the first batch of the so-called "mga tagapagmana ng agimat" when he portrayed the character of "Tiagong Akyat", this time it's Enchong Dee's turn!

The hunk athletic actor Enchong Dee grabbed the victory as the most promising and the most exciting this generation's 'Agimat' superhero of the second batch.

With our poll survey that goes:


Here are the result:

Enchong Dee, Ejay Falcon, and Jason Abalos were the soon to be launched new "Agimat" superheroes after Gerald Anderson, Coco Martin, Jolo Revilla, and Jake Cuenca. Among these three new young actors, Enchong lead in our poll. Below is their ranking:

1. Enchong Dee - 793 Votes (66%)

2. Jason Abalos - 229 Votes (19%)

3. Ejay Falcon - 177 Votes (14%)

With the overall total votes of 1199 garnered by this poll, Enchong Dee got the most number of votes! Enchong grabbed a total of 793 votes or 66%.

Jason Abalos placed second to Enchong as he received 229 votes or 19%. Ejay Falcon took the third spot with 177 votes or 14%!

Enchong Dee, Jason Abalos, and Ejay Falcon together with Jolo Revilla are set to do the second batch of "Agimat Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla"! Enchong Dee will portray the character of "Boy Putik", Jason Abalos will be "Bianong Bulag", Ejay Falcon is "Pepeng Kuryente", and Jolo Revilla will play "Kapitan Inggo"!

The playdates of these new said "Agimat" superheroes were not yet announced. Before, they were set to immediately follow the first batch. But since "Wansapanataym" took the timeslot of the first batch of "Agimat Mga Alamat Ni Ramon Revilla", the exact playdates were now unclear! Do you think this second batch will be aired this coming 2011?!

But then, everybody is really, really excited for Enchong Dee to portray "Boy Putik". He is really the most promising next batch of "Agimat" superheroes! Actually all the new teleseryes of Enchong Dee is very much awaited and appreciated! Nice!

Before "Boy Putik", let's first enjoy seeing Enchong Dee playing the character of Luis Fernando in the upcoming "Maria La Del Barrio" Philippine adaptation. Of course with his onscreen partner Ms. Erich Gonzales! Congratulations Enchong Dee! Keep it up! More power! C",)

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