The 'Buhawi Jack' Teaser!

An action-fantasy TV series will be offered by the Kapamilya network this first quarter of 2011. This is "Buhawi Jack"!

The Action Drama Prince Mr. Gerald Anderson will portray this new generation's "Buhawi Jack"!

"Buhawi Jack" will further more proves that Gerald Anderson is really the Action Drama Prince! This will also mark the very first team-up of Starstruck IV Ultimate Female Survivor Jewel Mische who transferred from Kapuso to Kapamilya network and the Golden Boy Gerald Anderson!

"Buhawi Jack" is one of the two action-fantasy series of Jewel and Gerald. The second one is "Bagwis"!

Let's all now watch this quick teaser of "Buhawi Jack" starring the one and only Gerald Anderson! Great! Keep it up Gerald! C",)

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  1. I'm sure Gerald will do good in both "Buhawi Jack" & "Bagwis". Gerald takes his craft seriously. He sinks into his character so that I don't see the Gerald Anderson but the character he portrays. That's the mark of a good actor. He approaches his roles differently in each of his projects. You can really see the distinction of his role acting, unlike other actors who acts the same in every role they portray. My gauge of a good actor is someone who can get lost in his character. And, that's Gerald Anderson. He has a good technique! I can't wait to watch his new shows! Way to go, Gerald!