Piolo Pascual Bares His Sexy Hot Body in 'Noah'!

The sexy, hot, and yummy body of the ultimate heartthrob and leading man Mr. Piolo Pascual was exposed in the last Monday's episode of the hit fantasy TV series "Noah"!

Last Monday, November 29, we may noticed that this fantaserye of Piolo Pascual and Zaijan Jaranilla returned at the No. 1 spot in the Nationwide TV ratings of Kantar Media / TNS. It bested all its rival TV programs from the other networks as well as his co-Primetime Bida TV series. "Noah" registered a TV rating of 27.9% which made it regained the crown from "Mara Clara", "Imortal", and "TV Patrol"! And we know now the reason why it captured back the No. 1 spot! Hehehe...!

We can't deny the fact that nowadays, the story of "Noah" becomes more exciting and more intense! But still it places second either to "Mara Clara" or to "Imortal". Until last Monday, when Grabriel (Piolo Pascual) bared his ultimate hot body! Not only the temperature rises, but also its TV ratings! Yeah!

Here are some of the hot Papa P's shots taken from that particular "Noah" episode:

On the recent episodes, Gabriel was gunshot by the gang of Toro (Daniel Fernando). They thought that Gabriel was already dead and they keep on hunting his dead body!

But unknowingly, Gabriel was saved by Diwata Eva (Kristine Hermosa) with her two fairies. They cured the wounded body of Gabriel in the island of Noah. And this sexiest scene of Papa P. took place!

When Gabriel woke up, she saw the two tiny fairies. These two fairies talked with the topless Gabriel and explained his mission. Yup, Gabriel is the one who will save the island of Noah. Diwata Eva chose Gabriel to protect Noah from the evil hands!

Here are more of Piolo Pascual's semi-naked scenes during his conversation with the two fairies and during his solo moments in the island of Noah:

At first, Gabriel refused his mission! According to him, "kung ang anak at asawa ko nga hindi ko mailigtas kay Juddah, and buong isla pa kaya..."! But after the two fairies convinced Gabriel, the semi-nude man partially accepted the offer!

When the two fairies left Gabriel alone, he finally make up his mind! He will need to save and protect Jacob (Zaijan Jaranilla) and Ruth (Jodi Sta. Maria)! Immediately he prepared himself! He made a bonfire and started to make his boat going back to their city!

On the newest episodes of "Noah", Gabriel finally returned in the city and he already escaped from Juddah (Joem Bascon) together with Ruth and Jacob. But Juddah filed in the police station that Gabriel kidnapped his family!

It's very full of action, drama, and fantasy! And of course, 'hotness' and 'sexiness' fulfilled our fantasies with Piolo Pascual's sexy scenes! What can you say about this particular episode?! Did Papa P. also rises your temperature? Did you also reached your climax because of this Piolo's semi-nude scenes?! Did it really deserve to lead the TV ratings because of Piolo Pascual's sexy hot body?!

We'll see on the next TV ratings if "Noah" can still manage to stay at No. 1 even though Piolo is not naked. But indeed, the leading of "Noah" on the top spot last Monday is due to his exposure of sexy hot body in addition to its good story flow and twist! Keep it up team "Noah"! We expect more and more Papa P's sexy hot and yummy body exposure! Haha! C",)

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