'Pasko Sa Pinas' - The 2010 Studio 23 Christmas Station ID!

The Kabarkada network also launched their Christmas Station ID for 2010. This is called "Pasko Sa Pinas" which they also used the yellow star or the Parol to represent the yuletide.

The hit Christmas song of Ms. Yeng Constatino called "Pasko Sa Pinas" is the theme song used in this Christmas SID. The stars of the different Studio 23 programs were of course featured in this yuletide SID.

The different TV programs of the network were connected with one another via the yellow Parol. Each of them received that said yellow star from one TV program to another!

Jerome Clavio directed this said cool Christmas SID of Studio 23!

Well, let's all watch this very nice and joyous Christmas Station ID given to us with our Kabarkada Studio 23! "Iba talaga kapag Kabarkada..."! C",)

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