Jewel Mische and Baron Geisler in a Special 'MMK' Episode!

The longest running drama anthology on TV "MMK" will offer a very special episode on the first day of 2011! And this will be the very first project of Jewel Mische on the Kapamilya station!

We all know that the Starstruck IV Ultimate Female Survivor who turned to be a Kapamilya Ms. Jewel Mische is set to do two TV series pairing her with the Action Prince Gerald Anderson! These were "Buhawi Jack" and "Bagwis". But these two were not the first TV projects of Jewel in ABS-CBN. This coming Saturday, we will finally see Jewel acting in a heavy drama anthology. And Baron Geisler will be her leading man!

And this episode will also put Baron in a remarkable role! Yup, Baron will play here as a cross-dresser gay! You will see Baron playing not as an 'astig' man. But he will play as a very feminine gay!

The story will revolve around two bestfriends played by Jewel and Baron. Jewel's role will fall in love with her gay bestfriend Baron!

Here is a clip from "SNN" featuring this unique "MMK" episode starring Jewel and Baron! See how Baron effectively portray his character as a gay! Very interesting! Good luck Jewel and Baron! C",)

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