Love and Vengeance in 'Malparida' This New Year!

Love and vengeance will welcome our new year with this newest Latinovela offer of ABS-CBN!

Following the tradition of bringing us the hottest and controversial Latin telenovelas like "Rubi", "Gata Salvaje", "Porti", "Pasion De Amor", "Maria De Jesus" and "El Cuerpo", the Kapamilya network will give us the controversial telenovela from Argentina! This is "Malparida", another story of love and vengeance!

"Malparida" is a hit 2010 Argentine Latinovela. "Malparida" is a a term which denotes in Spanish a woman of questionable reputation!

This telenovela is topbilled by two of the hottest Latin stars Gonzalo Heredia and Juana Viale! Juana Viale is the lead female star playing the character of Renata, the woman so-called as "Malparida"! Her love interest in this hot TV series is the hunk actor Gonzalo Heredia playing the character of Lautaro!

The story is all about the woman named Renata (Juana Viale) who is an antihero, a cold and scheming woman seeking revenge against a man that had caused the death of her mother.

Renata will seek revenge to Lorenzo Uribe, the rich old man who is the former lover of her mother. He is a man who already had a family. He had a young son named Lautano. Lorenzo will left her mother for his family responsibility. This causes the death of her mother.

As a form of revenge, Renata will let Lorenzo fall in love with her and will left him until he die. But eventually, Renata will also fall in love with Lorenzo's gorgeous son Lautaro! Now a father and a son will fight one another because of one woman!

It's such another hot Latinovela that will conquer our new year! What do you think of it, do you love how its story flow?! It's truly another controversial telenovela that will lead our afternoon! And for sure, new Latin stars will truly captivate our hearts! C",)

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  1. FROM ECCLE: i like this so much!! as in!! XD thanks sa info. :))