Jackie Chan Offers Movie to Kim Chiu!

There is a great possibility one of these days that the Hongkong Superstar Jackie Chan and the Primetime Princess Ms. Kim Chiu star together in one big movie project!

Yeah, the greatest martial arts superstar Jackie Chan offers a movie to Ms. Kim Chiu after seeing the picture of our Primetime Princess.

Kim immediately accepts the offer from Jackie. Kim then went to a not yet disclosed country to do their first taping. The title and the genre of their first movie together was also not yet announced!

Wow! It's another great achievement not only for Kim but also to our country as a whole! Once again, Filipinos were recognized internationally. What more, a Hongkong Supertar appreciates us! Great!

And this also proves that Kim Chiu is truly the hottest young star today! After dominating our TV screens with her top-rating TV series, serenading us with her beautiful voice in terms of singing, showing us her dancing skill being part of 'Supah Dance', giving us blockbuster movies, and dominating the commercial industries having so many endorsements, this time, she makes an international artist believes in her! Nice!

What do you think will be the relationship of Kim and Jackie in this movie? Will they be a father and daughter? Well definitely since both of them belong to a Chinese clan!

And what will be the genre of their movie? Could it be a comedy type since they two were perfect portraying comedy roles? Or a combination of action and drama since Jackie is a best action star while Kim also fits for Drama?! Well, we'll see! We're really happy for this! And hopefully it will prosper! Good luck and congrats Kim Chiu! C",)

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  1. I Hope to see Jacky Chan & Kim Chiu in an Action Movie together> It will surely be a big hit!!!