An Open-Ended 'Magkaribal' Finale!

It was indeed another remarkable finale! An ending that was never been expected!

The ending of this fashionserye "Magkaribal" shocked many. They didn't expect that this will gonna happen. Everyone is giving their own conclusions if what really happen to the four main characters of this TV series! Did Vera, Gelai, Chloe, and Victoria died in the ending?! Or it was only Victoria who saved from the tragedy?! Or Gelai was only the one suffered from the accident?!

After Gelai (Bea Alonzo) and Victoria (Gretechen Barretto) knew that they were actually the long lost sister, they plan for a grand fashion show which aims to give thanks to the person who took care of them. This will also served as forgiveness to all the people who hurt them.

They named this fashion show as Stella Collection, derived from their loving mother Stella. This is the first-ever fashion show of Gelai and Victoria together as sisters!

In this big event, Vera (Angel Aquino) set her evil plan that would kill both Victoria and Gelai. Finally, death will separate again Victoria and Gelai through the falling chandelier! With just a click, this chandelier will fall from the ceiling!

The show started dramatically. Victoria and Gelai gave thanks to Ronaldo, and the to the parents of Gelai who adopted her. They also call Chloe (Erich Gonzales) to join them as a sign that they really accept Chloe as their youngest sister!

But the last message which really surprised many was when they gave an inspiring message to Vera saying that their already forgiven this woman and accept her as the member of their family! Vera even got surprised!

Gelai and Victoria called Vera to join them. Vera even joined them. The four girls then reunited infront of many audience!

The three sisters didn't know that death awaited them! Vera knew that in any time, the chandelier in the ceiling would fall to them! Vera was very sorry for what she did!

And when these four ladies walked in the center of the stage, directly towards them, the chandelier fall! Oh what a shocking incident!

We didn't know what exactly happened! Who died, who were saved, who were fatal, we all didn't know! Flashbacks of the memories of the young Gelai and Victoria followed!

And each of the cast where shown in the ending through their magazine covers! Yup each of them had their respective magazines except for Gelai! Gelai rather had a big billboard!

What do you think really happened to all of them?! It's such another great ending we witnessed from another hit teleserye of ABS-CBN! This ending was very much praised and appreciated!

So, due to insisted public demand, here once more the complete finale episode of "Magkaribal" for you to watch over and over again! Two thumbs up for this ending! Great! C",)

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