The Full Trailer and Teaser of 'Perfect Match'!

Everybody is really excited for the grand comeback of the hottest Asianovela Heartthrob and Superstar Lee Min Ho! And the long wait is over since finally, he will return in Primetime Bida starting this Monday night!

After portraying the leader of the Korean F4 last year as Gu Jun Pyo in the phenomenal hit "Boys Over Flowers", Lee Min Ho return in his firs-ever role as a gay in the new Koreanovela craze "Perfect Match"!

Lee Min Ho portrays the character of Gino, a straight guy who will pretend as a gay just to become the roommate of Julianne who will eventually become his close friend. Julianne is supposed to be married with her long time boyfriend but became brokenhearted when her boyfriend marries her best friend!

Besides the return of Lee Min Ho, Martin of "Lovers In Paris" also returns via this new Korean TV series. Yup, he is the former boyfriend of Julianne who will marry Julianne's bestfriend!

I know you are really excited for this brand new Asianovela! So after I tell you a quick synopsis of this TV series, time now to watch its full trailer! Yeah, I have here with you the complete full trailer of "Perfect Match" introducing the characters of Gino and Julianne and showing us how the story of it will go. Of course since I know you all love Lee Min Ho, I included here the short teaser of this show showing his new character! =)

By the way, "Perfect Match" is also know with its other titles as "Perfect Taste", "Personal Preference" and "Personal Taste"!

Are you ready?! Let's all watch this! Cool! So excited to see this one! C",)

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