Newbie JM De Guzman Enters as a New Character in 'Martha Cecilia’s Kristine' !

After the entry of Rayver Cruz as Lance Navarro in this Primetime top-rating PHR TV series, another new character will surely add more heat in our nights!

The newbie Kapamilya hunk actor JM De Guzman is the new character that will put more spice in the story. JM will portray the role of Nathaniel Fortalejo-Cervantes, the son of Margarita (Irma Adlawan) and the grandson of Don Leon Fortalejo! He finally appeared in the story right after the death of his grandfather!

What will be the major role of Nathaniel in the battling family of Fortalejo and De Silva?!

The revelation of Bernard De Silva-Fortalejo's (Zanjoe Marudo) true identity ignited more development in the story of this Martha Cecilia's "Kristine". This totally broke the romance between Jaime and Jewel (Cristine Reyes). Don Leon eventually became kind and even spearheaded the reconciliation of the Fortalejo and De Silva families. But his life was taken away as his car was bombarded by his evil daughter Margarita. In the burial of Don Leon, here came the character of JM as Nathaniel!

Caught in mischievous act, Nathaniel was caught by policemen and supposed to be imprisoned. But since his grandfather died, he was brought to the burial of his lolo.

Margarita and her husband knew that Nathaniel was in the state studying. But actually, their son was already here and tolerating his vices.

Yup, JM's character here is a spoiled brat son! He eventually get what he wants! Will Nathaniel be as evil as his mother? Or he is actually a kind-hearted man just like his father?! What then will be his role in the life of Jewel, Bernard, and in the rest of the casts?!

Actually JM De Guzman is a regular star in the different "Precious Heart Romances Presents" editions such as “Substitute Bride,” “Midnight Phantom,” and the leading afternoon drama today, “Alyna,” where he plays “Yael.”

Now that he is finally seen on primetime, the young actor can’t hide his glee and excitement to work with the talented stars of “Kristine.”

Denise Laurel and Rafael Rosell were actually JM's co-stars in the previous PHR "Midnight Phantom". This gonna be his second time to work with Rafnise. On the other hand, Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes were off-cam friends of JM. These made JM very excited for this soap!

How about you, are you also excited for the new character of JM here in this hot TV series?! Definitely, another new hunk will make our nights more steamy and sexy! It's really be sizzling hot nights with Zanjoe, Rayver, Denise, Cristine, Rafael, and now with JM! Wow! C",)

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  1. I love him!!! He is very good , very natural.

  2. ang gwapo ni nat!!!!!!!!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa