Claudine Barretto Returns in Teleserye via Guest Appearance in 'Bantatay'!

Many viewers were really waiting for the first TV series of the Optimum Star Ms. Claudine Barretto in the Kapuso network. We may recall that it's already one year now when Ms. Claudine transferred to GMA-7. But in the length of one year, she was never been given any big teleserye of his own!

Yup, her first project in the Kapuso station was her self-titled drama anthology called "Claudine". But due to the poor ratings received by her show, it didn't last on TV! She was even given a chance to become a co-host in the Sunday entertainment talk show, "Showbiz Central" during the promo of her first movie in GMA film "In Your Eyes". Afterward, she then became not visible on TV. Her fans really missed her in teleserye!

And now finally, Ms. Claudine can be seen in teleserye via her real-life husband's soap "Bantatay"!

Ms. Claudine Barretto is the special guest in this fantaserye of Mr. Raymart Santiago. Though her appearance in this TV series is just a guest appearance, she will portray a significant role.

Claudine plays the character of the veterinarian Sheila. She appears in the story during the time that Bernard/Bantay (Raymart Santiago) met an accident. The accident happened when Bantay/Bernard is trying to help his friend "Lian the Puppy" and Lian's mother. A pack of dogs immediately sets off on a mission to save their injured friend and seeks help from a veterinarian Sheila. The doctor then brings Bantay into her clinic and treats his fractured leg.

While in the care of the pretty vet, Bantay discovers about Sheila's recent break-up with her boyfriend, Dexter (James Blanco). The kind Labrador also learns through Dexter's dog, Twinkle, that Dexter is just as heartbroken as Sheila, which gives Bantay a really thoughtful idea. Bantay teams up with Twinkle in hopes of a possible reconciliation between Sheila and Dexter as a means of payment for the good deeds done by Sheila to him.

Claudine's special guesting in this fantasy series just started this week. And everybody was really excited to see the comeback of this Optimum Teleserye Star.

Claudine agreed to be the guest star in this Raymart's soap in return to his husband's appearance in her drama anthology "Claudine". We may recall that Raymart is Claudine's first leading man in the first episode of this drama anthology!

We are really excited for Ms. Clau. Hopefully this could be the start of her many TV series here in the Kapuso network. Goodluck Ms. Claudine! Keep it up! C",)

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