'Can't Believe It' - The 'Perfect Match' Theme Song!

It's a total "Perfect Match" craze total! Yeah, let's all complete your desire to this brand new Korean TV series of ABS-CBN featuring the Asianovela Heartthrob and Superstar, Lee Min Ho!

After I gave with you its quick synopsis as well as its full trailer, I will share with you now its official TV series theme song!

But I will share with you not only its full official soundtrack but also the Tagalog version of it! Yeah! Exciting right!

The OST of "Perfect Match" is called "Can't Believe It" and this was sung by Younha.

The theme song is very great! It's so inspiring. You will really feel relax and inspire listening to it! Yup, I played it over and over again. And I really feel in love listening to it! It's really very nice!

I know you will really feel the same! So I will share with you the three versions of this song.

The first one is the complete Korean version of it as sung by Younha. The second one is the Tagalog version of it! Yeah, there is a Tagalized version of this song. And it also has its Tagalog lyrics subtitle. And the third one is the opening version. This is its short version played in every start of this TV series. This will be the one you will hear and see every night at the beginning!

So, let's all see and hear this cool, inspiring, and very relaxing theme song of "Perfect Match", the song called "Can't Believe It" by Younha. Love it much! C",)

The Original OST Full Version:

The Full Tagalog Version:

The Opening Theme Song:

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  1. wish you have lyrics of the korean original theme song. i like your page.. =)

  2. Thanks for posting it! i love it too! such a nice theme song! may God bless you!

  3. oh my gosh!!!
    can't complete the day without the perfect match themesong!!!

  4. yepey! i hv been lukng this kind of page.. thanks i found you! i really fall in love the first time i heard that song!!!

  5. do you have the korean lyrics?

  6. yay! I was about to spark when I hear t5his song..:)

  7. please...the korean lyrics...

  8. ....i really love this oh-so-cute song!!!weeee

  9. .. astig tlaga ung them song =) sna maulit ulit.

  10. love this series

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