This Generation's 'Mara Clara' Teaser!

Kathlyn Bernardo and Julia Montes will be the new "Mara Clara"! Kathlyn will assume the role of Judy Ann Santos as Mara while Julia Montes will be Clara, the role which make Gladys Reyes as a famous kontrabida!

"Mara Clara" is the longest running soap opera in the history of Philippine Television. It started in 1992 and ended in 1997. Juday and Gladys started as a very young children in this TV series. After 5 years when their teleserye ended, they already grown into beautiful ladies of course with flying career! Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes are the two most important names in showbiz today because of "Mara Clara"!

Now, two new young stars will be our generation's "Mara Clara"! Will they can surpass the legacy made by the original "Mara Clara"?!

Here is a quick teaser of the new "Mara Clara" which was recently launched by ABS-CBN:

And of course to refresh your mind, I have here with your some video clips of the original "Mara Clara" episode way back in 1993 featuring Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Ms. Gladys Reyes!

Let's bring back the past memories with the TV series we used to grew up with! I also admit that I am also a 'laking Mara Clara' child! Nice! C",)

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