Sam Concepcion is the Lead Star of the New Teen-Oriented Show!

The consistent Candy Magazine Top Cutie and the young heartthrob Sam Concepcion will be having his first youth-oriented TV series in ABS-CBN wherein he is the lead star!

After seeing him in the recent hit horror film "Cinco" and after being one of the co-stars in the different TV series like "Super Inggo" and "I Love Betty La Fea", Sam is now ready to take the lead role!

Together with the other Star Magic talents, ex-PBB Teen Clash Housemate, and some of his Gigger Boys co-members, Sam will star in a youth-oriented show called "Vibes"! This is an exciting upcoming teen show wherein each of the teen male casts shows their talents in dancing!

James Reid, Ivan Dorschner, Devon Seron, and Fretzie Bercede were some of his co-stars. Since Sam is the most popular among them, he will take the lead character! This is also the launching teen TV series for these ex-PBB Teen Clash Housemates after they exit the house of Big Brother!

This is a big challenge for Sam! Yup since he is more incline in music and dancing like the way he shows us in ASAP XV every Sunday. This is his first time to show his other major skills in the field of acting since he is the lead. Though he already saw him acting in the different TV series of the Kapamilya network, this new one is totally different and challenging. He will even show his dancing skills and great moves while at the same time giving his best in acting!

Just like Sam, everybody is also excited for this new youth-oriented TV series since new and fresh new faces will be seen on TV. And after "Gimik 2010", another new teen-oriented series will be born! It's such a good news to every teenager, youngsters, and feeling young at heart! Of course, we are more excited to see the new Sam, the grown-up cutie heartthrob! Goodluck Sam! More power...! C",)

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  1. when is this showing?

  2. sam's first leading role in a tv series was on tv5's show lipgloss which is also a youth oriented show that started on november 2008, he was the star of the show. in the middle of season 2 sam was removed by star magic from the show so that he'll be part of the gigger boys and will co-star their show boystown last 2009. go sma concepcion! your my idol!