'Taray Queen' is Out from the 'Survivor Philippines'!

Another Friday passed! And every end of this day, a new castaway was sent home!

For this week, the so-called "Taray Queen" of the island Ms. Karen Delos Reyes was voted out!

On the first part of the show, we noticed that Karen got a bratty character. This trait earns her both critics and supporters! But during her exit interview, she was no longer seen acting this way! Though sad that she fails to grab the chance to be the third sole survivor, Karen is happy that she learns other lessons in life while she's in the island!

Karen is the fourth castaway who was ousted out after Doc Ferdz, Myka, and Buhawi! Next week another castaway will be sent home. Who do you think will he/she be?! Well, let's all see in the more exciting episodes of "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition" weeknights in GMA-7's Telebabad! C",)

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