'Magkaribal' To End This October!

"Magkaribal" primary antagonist Ms. Angel Aquino who is playing the role of Vera Cruz confirmed that their hit fashionserye will end this October!

According to her, it's good that their show will end while it's hot! "Pangit naman na matatapos 'ung show na pinagsawaan na ng tao!" It's good that viewers will still hook on it 'till the very end!

Though she confirmed that it will end this October, Angel didn't verify that there will be a Season 2 for "Magkaribal"!

It was previously reported that there is a Season 2 for this TV series either late in December or in the early quarter of 2011. But the primera kontrabida didn't comment about it!

Talking about the recent chapters of the story, the rivalry between Gelai (Bea Alonzo) and her unknown elder sister Victoria (Gretchen Barretto) gets more and more intense! Gelai will really fight Victoria and aims to bring her down! Victoria on the other hand totally lose Louie (Derek Ramsey) though she already carrying their child. Louie really decided to marry Gelai but Gelai will marry Louie just to hurt Victoria!

Now that Gelai and Victoria is battling one another, it seems that Vera is the 'major major' winner since she plans it all! Yup Vera is the reason behind the battle between these two sisters!

Talking more on Vera, Angel Aquino has been praised for being a very good actress in portraying the wicked Vera Cruz! Yeah, she is really an effective kontrabida! Nice one Angel!

Meanwhile now that "Magkaribal" is set to end this October, do you think there will be a Season 2 for this show?! What will you think will happen to the main characters?! C",)

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