Reminiscing the Love Story in 'Beautiful Girl' Episodes 2 an 3!

The first-ever tandem of the Asian Pop Idol Mr. Christian Bautista and the Malaysian darling Ms. Carmen Soo is really very promising! Their tandem was very much loved and appreciated by people! They even want to have more TV projects for these two hot Asian superstars!

So, due to insisted public demand, I'm bringing back the second and third episodes of Your Song Presents "Beautiful Girl" starring Carmen and Christian! This episode is very romantic.

In these two episodes, James (Christian) finally met her dream girl Hannah (Carmen).

Hannah becomes the new client of James. This paved the way for the closeness of Hannah and James.

When James and Hannah becomes too close, James didn't anymore see the girl in his dream. Until he finally fall in love with the Malaysian girl.

Meanwhile, James broke up with her girlfriend Sofia (Bianca Manalo). Sofia then search for the girl who caused the reason for their break-up.

Once again, let us all reminisce the good love story of Hannah and James through these episodes 2 an 3 of "Beautiful Girl"! Ian and Carmen really posted a perfect pair! Nice! C",)



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