A Beautiful and Romantic 'Beautiful Girl' Finale!

Romance is really in the air during the fourth and final episode of Your Song Presents "Beautiful Girl"! Christian Bautista and Carmen Soo truly portrayed a perfect love pair!

Music filled the final episode of this romantic Sunday afternoon mini-series. The hit song of Christian Bautista keeps on playing during the romantic moment of Hannah and James. But before that, did you know that it seems that they won't be together?!

Yup, James was once again brought to the hospital because of heart attack. But he was successfully cured. When he woke up, his ex-girlfriend Sofia told him that Hannah went back to Malaysia!

When James got well, he immediately went to Malaysia to look for Hannah. But he failed to see the girl!

Hannah returned to her job as a tourist guide. On the park, she mistakenly see James with his girlfriend Sofia carrying a child. Hannah though that James and Sofia already a one big happy family. She eventually lose hope.

But actually, it was Sofia and James' bestfriend! Yeah, they two ended up together and already raised a family!

On the park, James kept on looking and chasing for Hannah. The same way around was done by Hannah. Until they finally met! And this started the most romantic moment in this series ' final episode! Music then filled the air serenading the two hearts!

Very, very romantic! It's so light and lovely! Well, let's all watch this very beautiful final episode of "Beautiful Girl" over and over again! A job well done for Christian and Carmen! Hope to see you together in other more projects! Good luck! Love you both! C",)

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