Poll Result: People Want Lando for Billie!

We didn't expect that the ending of the musical TV series "Idol" last night will be a tragic one. One life has been sacrificed just for the sake of love!

Coco Martin playing the character of Lando, the man who is truly falling inlove with Billie (Sarah Geronimo) was killed and died in the story! Oh how sad!

Lando was gunshot when they saved Billie from the kidnappers. He gave his own life just to save the girl of his life! It's such another tragic ending!

But the good thing, people want Lando to be Billie's man!

Our exciting poll survey between Ms. Sarah Geronimo's two gorgeous hunk leading men namely Coco Martin and Sam Milby is now officially closed! People finally decided. Viewers voted their bet between Lando and Vince for Billie! And Lando got their blessings!

On our latest poll survey which goes: "Who between these two gorgeous hunk leading men of Sarah Geronimo in 'Idol' would you choose for her?!", people chose Coco Martin!

Below is the result of the poll survey:

As you can see, Coco Martin won landslide over Sam Milby!

70% of the overall total votes want Coco Martin while only 29% favor Sam Milby! A very great difference between their votes!

Viewers really want Coco Martin for Sarah Geronimo in this musical TV series. Though Coco is not a singer and not that fit in this teleserye, Coco still got the attention of many! Wow!

Will people got disappointed with the ending of "Idol"? Well, 'hindi na nga nagkatuluyan sina Sarah at Coco, namatay pa si Lando...'! So cruel! So sad for the character of Coco!

Hmmm...I just observed, Coco Martin's character in almost all of his soap died. In "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" and in "Tonyong Bayawak" he also died! Though Coco's character here in "Idol" is kind, he still died! So sad...!

But still, congratulations Mr. Coco Martin, you are well-loved by many people! For winning this poll survey, it's another great appreciation from all the people who love you! Good luck to your career and more power! See you once again in your next exciting projects next year! Nice! C",)

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