'Boys Over Flowers' Forever!

Yeah, you read it right! "Boys Over Flowers" not anymore one more time...but Forever! They will once more dominate our TV screen every weekend!

ABS-CBN will air again the hottest and phenomenal Koreanovela of the new F4 starting this Saturday! The crazy cool and inspiring romance of Jan Di and Jhun Pyo together with the Korean F4 will once again feel on TV. "BOF" returns via "Boys Over Flowers Forever"!

Everybody is really excited about it! It's another exciting thing to look forward over and over again! Wow!

"Boys Over Flowers" is a Korean adaptation of the hit Taiwanese TV series "Meteor Garden" still based from the famous "Hana Yori Dango"!

It became a phenomenal and a huge hit in our country and even in the other nations last year that's why 2009 is the year of the Korean F4! Everybody got crazy about this new hottest heartthrobs! Just like the "Meteor Garden" where it was derived, it dominates not only our TV series habits but even the lifestyles of many!

It was first aired in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida last year. Then its timeslot was changed to early primetime before "TV Patrol World" to accommodate the busy viewers. Then the whole TV series was re-aired in the late Primetime Bida slot before "SNN" on the latest part of 2009 being named as "Boys Over Flowers One More Time".

Now in 2010, BOF will be seen once again in its "Boys Over Flowers Forever" every weekend!

I know you are very much happy and excited! So turn on now your TV and catch Jan Di and the rest of F4 every Saturdays before "Showtime" only in the 'first and true home of Asianovela', ABS-CBN! Love it! C",)

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