Meteor Garden's Jerry Yan and Hana Kimi's Ella Chen Returns in 'Down With Love'!

The country's top and well-loved Asianovela characters are back together in a new Chinovela craze!

Now termed as the "King of Asianovela", the former "Meteor Garden" heartthrob and the leader of the Taiwanese F4, Mr. Jerry Yan finally returns on TV starting next week.

Joining Jerry is another hot Asianovela leading lady, Ella Chen known as the "Asianovela Sweetheart" who became popular because of their former TV series "Hana Kimi"!

Jerry Yan, "The King of Asianovela"

Ella Chen, "The Asianovela Sweetheart"

Jerry Yan plus Ella Chen equals a crazy cool romantic Chinovela called "Down With Love"!

If we love them both in their previous respective TV series, what more here in the new Asian soap?!

Jerry Yan was first known to be as Dao Ming Zhi in the phenomenal TV series "Meteor Garden" pairing him with Barbie Zu who portrayed the role of San Cai. He played there as a spoiled-brat rich kid and the leader of F4!

On the other hand, Ella Chen was known to be as Joey who camouflaged herself as a boy just to be with her ultimate crush played by Wu Chun in the romantic comedy "Hana Kimi"!

Now the leading man of "Meteor Garden" and the leading lady of "Hana Kimi" teamed up to give us another romantic cool new Asianovela!

So, get ready to catch the first-ever team-up of Jerry and Ella in "Down With Love" starting this Monday only in ABS-CBN before "Kokey@Ako". This will replace the Korean series "He's Beautiful" which will end this Friday! C",)

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