'Down With Love' Synopsis

Meteor Garden's Jerry Yan and Hana Kimi's Ella Chen for the first time is paired in a romantic-comedy Asianovela "Down With Love"! This will start next week in the Kapamilya network replacing "He's Beautiful"!

How well do you know their love story in this new TV series?! Would you like to take a quick glimpse on their romance?!

Well, I have here with you the synopsis of "Down With Love" from the blog site called Kapamilyalogy. Let's read it and feel the love:

Yang Guo, an ordinary Taiwanese girl, no rich and famous background, no beautiful outer appearance nor outstanding talent. All she had was a kindhearted, innocent, warm and optimistic personality and knew how to be grateful and to treasure what she has. Xiang Yu-ping, with his bicoastal law license was an expert in divorce and inheritance lawsuits. Perhaps people would use words like cold, selfish, unkind and ruthless to describe him but no one could deny that in his profession, he was the best and the most successful.

This pair that seemed to have no connection to each other and with totally unsuitable personalities was miraculously bounded by destiny through two children. After Yu-ping’s older brother died in a car accident, Yu-ping had to take in the two orphaned children – Fei and Ting. Although the children were young, they were also so mischievous that even Yu-ping could not cope with them. To make thing worse, every nanny that Yu-ping hired was either scared off by the children or somehow ended up falling in love with Yu-ping. Reaching the end of his ropes, Yu-ping had no choice but to ask his secretary Yang Duo to find a nanny that would meet his requirement.

The parsimonious and money-hungry Yang Duo happened to be the older sister of Yang Guo. Actually both she and Yang Guo were from a rich family when they were younger. Unfortunately after their sharp-minded mother passed away, their father who was ambitious but lacked ability quickly squandered away the family fortune and left his two young daughters to fend for themselves while he ran away to avoid debtors. Since then, the two sisters depended on each others. While the trials that they experienced gave them independent and strong personalities, it also shaped Yang Duo’s parsimonious, cheap and would do anything for money attitude. When she found out her boss Yu-ping provided such a job opportunity, of course she would not want to miss it. So without any hesitation, she recommended her sister Yang Guo for the nanny job and in order to assure Yu-ping that Yang Guo would not fall in love with him, she even lied to him that her tomboyish sister did not like guys at all.

Because of some chance misunderstandings, Yang Guo and Yu-ping already had an unhappy first encounter. That led Yu-ping to further believe that it would be impossible for Yang Guo to fall for him, so she successfully became the new nanny for Fei and Ting. Although she was given a very hard time by the two children, but with her determination and never-give-up attitude, she worked hard to melt the lonely hearts of the two children with her sincere concern and care. In their daily interactions, Yang Guo also discovered that the cold Yu-ping also had a kind and adorable side and could not resist secretly falling in love with him.

Unfortunately, Yu-ping already had a girlfriend – the famous actress Fan. Fan was beautiful and elegant. They started dating since university days. Later because Fan started to become popular in the showbiz, their relationship could not go public. Also because Fan had to shoot movies in Mainland China for long periods of time, her hectic schedule reduced the time that they could see each other. Yu-ping was unhappy that their relationship could not be revealed. At the same time, in order to avoid any hindrance for her work, she wanted to split up with Yu-ping.

After the broken relationship, Yu-ping threw himself even more into his work. That made Fei and Ting who had always hoped for his love and attention very sad. Later, through Yang Guo’s efforts, the relationship was mended and the situation got better. It also allowed Yu-ping who had never enjoyed the warmth of family life to experience such love for the first time. Subconsciously, Yu-ping was moved by Yang Guo and started to notice this girl who although not particularly pretty but always made people feel warm and happy. A subtle strand of feeling started to grow between them. However Yu-ping continued to believe that it was impossible for Yang Guo to fall in love with him and so he kept his feelings in check.

At this point, after the separation, Fan found that she still could not forget Yu-ping and wanted to get back together with him again. However, she discovered that Yu-ping no longer have any feeling towards her. Instead, he fell in love with his nanny – the ugly duckling Yang Guo. The proud Fan simply could not accept this truth and decided to use whatever method necessary to regain Yu-ping’s heart.

Handsome and gentlemanly interior designer Zhong was a good friend of both Yu-ping and Fan in university. He too once loved Fan deeply but because the person Fan loved was Yu-ping, he did not pursue her although he continued to love her. Zhong was the dream bachelor in everyone’s eyes because his family was very established in both Hangzhou and Shanghai and he was very successful in his own profession and good-looking as well. With that in mind, Fan asked Zhong to pursue Yang Guo in order to destroy any possibility between Yang Guo and Yu-pong. In order to avoid making Fan sad, the kindhearted Zhong reluctantly agreed this unreasonable request.

Fan’s plan worked. Yang Guo really thought that Yu-ping and Fan got back together. In her heartbreak, she slowly was moved by Zhong’s gentleness and understanding. When Yu-ping found out that his best friend was dating Yang Guo, although he felt painful, he still hoped that Yang Guo would be happy. Zhong invited Yang Guo to be his assistant in his company. He brought Yang Guo to Hangzhou on a business trip and took the opportunity to introduce her to his mother. His mother found Yang Guo lacking in every way. Her attitude and behavior often hurt and embarrassed Yang Guo. However, in order to prevent any conflict for Zhong, she still handled everything with a smile.

Yu-ping could not prevent himself from thinking about Yang Guo. He deeply understood that in his heart, Yang Guo’s was irreplaceable. He refused Fan at every turn, left his work and rushed to Hangzhou, just to confirm whether Yang Guo was truly happy. Yu-ping witnessed the unfair treatment Yang Guo received from Zhong’s family. He held back his pain and gently comforted Yang Guo. He even gave suggestions to Yang Guo. Yang Guo worked hard and demonstrated her sincerity and finally changed the mind of Zhong’s mother who sincerely accepted Yang Guo as her future daughter-in-law.

Fan finally realized that no matter what scheme she tried, she still could not win back Yu-ping’s heart. In anger, she turned her attention to destroy the relationship of Yang Guo and Zhong to hurt Yang Guo. When Yang Guo found out that Zhong’s pursue of her was actually a lie and deception, she was stunned and at a loss. However, at the same time, she discovered that Yu-ping who had been caring for her by her side all this time had actually loved her for a long time….

A relationship must always go through trials and tribulations before one knows how to treasure it. Yang Guo had always believed that in this world there was an unconditional love. She also finally tasted the fruit of “Love conquers all” – Yu-ping and Yang Guo confessed their love to each other. With the blessings of everyone, they finally were together. As for Zhong, after losing Yang Guo, he suddenly realized that by his side, there was still Yang Duo who had been waiting for him all this time…!

So, let's all catch them starting this MOnday only in ABS-CBN! Cool! C",)

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