Poll Result: 'Imortal' is the Most Exciting Hit TV Series!

Though not yet shown in Primetime Bida, the highly-anticipated vampire-werewolf fantasy series of Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz called "Imortal" is chosen as the second and third quarter's most exciting TV series of 2010!

Our TV Series Craze Poll Survey reveals that "Imortal" is the most exciting TV series and really certifies a big hit for this season! "Imortal" got an overall percentage vote of 39% or 392 total votes to win over the other existing and upcoming TV series!

Meanwhile the recently concluded Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson drama series "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" placed second to "Imortal" as it garnered a percentage vote of 35% or 357 total votes!

This poll survey garnered an overall total votes of 1005 and it covers the TV series which are existing and upcoming for the second and third quarter of this year!

Below is the complete poll survey results. Just kindly click the image to enlarge and see the full data:

To sum up the result, here are the Top 5 Most Exciting and Certified Big Hit TV Series for the second and third quarter of 2010:

1. Imortal - 39% (392 Votes)

2. Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo - 35% (357 Votes)

3. Magkaribal - 23% (237 Votes)

4. Agua Bendita - 13% (137 Votes)

5. Kristine Series - 12% (121 Votes)

As you can see "Imortal" leads the survey! But the votes got by this fantasy series is closer to KTM by only a difference of 4%! We may also note that "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" won in the other poll survey conducted for the first quarter of the year!

Meanwhile "Magkaribal", "Agua Bendita", and "Kristine Series" followed respectively!

The result of our poll survey is very much timing for "Imortal"! It only proves that everybody is really excited for this new teleserye. Everyone really missed the young action-fantasy heroine superstar Ms. Angel Locsin! And they were truly excited to see them together for the very first time with Mr. John Lloyd Cruz! Imagine, this TV series is not yet shown but you see that it even defeated the other existing top-rated TV series! Wow! Me too is really excited for "Imortal"! I can't anymore wait for Monday to come!

As revealed by our poll survey data, it only means that "Imortal" will truly become a huge hit top-rating TV series! Angel and John Lloyd posted a very promising tandem! Of course the story is really exciting! A perfect pair in a perfect story! Great!

So congratulations to "Imortal" for topping our TV Series Craze Poll Survey! We were really excited and can't wait for this coming Monday, October 4, 2010 for the grand premiere of this new fantasy series! Good luck Ms. Angel and JLC! More power to the two of you! Thanks then to ABS-CBN for giving us a quality and a worth-watching TV series like this! Excellent! C",)

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  1. IMORTAL - amazing teleserye!!!

  2. dito sa Kuwait buong bansa pinapanuod and Imortal....sa TFC....:) more Power....:)