A Fun and Fantastic 'Inday Sa Balitaw' Finale!

Our Saturday Primetime became magical and fantastic with this Wansapanataym second offering. The drama sweetheart Ms. Maja Salvador and the yummy hunk Matteo Guidicelli sprinkled magic and fun in Inday Bote's final episode!

Dance and music ended this mini fantasy series with Maja playing Inday and Matteo portraying Gorio dancing together so sweetly!

But before this light and easy finale of this fantasy anthology, threat surrounded the life of Inday and her mother (Lotlot De Leon).

An evil plan was conceptualized by the wicked antagonist Dory (Minnie Aguilar). She wanted to destroy Inday and her mother. But good deeds still prevailed!

With fun and magic, Inday and her mother was saved from tragedy! Inday's mother was brought to the hospital. There, a reconcilation between the mother and daughter took place! And of course, Inday and Gorio also ended closer.

Policemen finally captured Dory. She needs to pay all the crimes she had done! Now, no more villains surrounded Inday and her love ones!

Like the opening of this story, the ending also took place in the market! Inday, her mother, and her step gay-brother happily sell in the market! Sing and dance numbers surrounded their vegetable store. Of course, the ending focused to the love pair Matteo and Maja! They two were dancing together! Very lovely! So cool and fun! It was very light to the heart!

So once again, let us all watch this cool and magical Part 2 episode of "Inday Sa Balitaw"! Laugh all the way while amazing with magic! So funny...! C",)

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