Jake Cuenca Pairs with Andi Eigenmann in an Unusual Love Story in 'Your Song'!

For the first time, the sexy hunk actor Mr. Jake Cuenca is paired with the heiress of drama Ms. Andi Eigenmann in this Sunday's episode of "Your Song Presents"!

Andi and Jake will portrayed two lovers of an unusual love story! A love doomed by their bloodline sets conflict in the story!

This Sunday's episode will tackle about a dysfunctional family. The episode tells a story about a strong-willed and a free-spirited woman (Andi) who finds love in the person of Jake in one magical, serendipitous first encounter. They seem to have the perfect romance until they discover that they are first cousins!

Both of them try to fight their feelings for each other but their love is so strong that even if their families are against their relationship, they continue to follow their hearts. Their illicit romance puts their family in a messy situation.

It's another big issue in this new episode of "Your Song Presents". After they tackled a mother-daughter conflict and teenage pregnancy, the third new episode of this Sunday afternoon's drama anthology will be more controversial! The love story that will be featured this coming Sunday is very rare. How will the characters of Jake and Andi fight this kind of relationship?! Or will they even pursue their romance amidst of the issue of their bloodline?! If blood is thicker than water, then will blood still thicker than love?!

Well, it's another exciting story coming this Sunday in "Your Song Presents Andi" right after ASAP XV. And of course, it's another remarkable and challenging characters for both Jake and Andi as they portray controversial roles! A really must-see episode! C",)

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