The 2010 TV Series Craze Awards: "Kontrabida of the Year"!

Evil...wicked...most hatred...! These how we describe the kontrabida in a particular TV series. we really hate them every time that they do bad things to our favorite bida! They were the antagonist in every TV series!

Wowa, Vera Cruz, Dra. Clarissa, Rebecca, Sylvanna, Astrud...and many other more to mention! Who among them really makes your blood boils?! Who among them really hates you most?!

An actress really becomes effective when they plays the role of a 'kontrabida'! A TV series would not become exciting and challenging without 'kontrabidas'! They put colors on every soap! Sometimes, they were the characters being watch by the televiewers!

Now it's time to pick your choice for the so-called 2010 TV Series Craze Awards: "Kontrabida of the Year"! Who among them is really the best?!

Here are the nominees for the "Kontrabida of the Year" category:

Pilar Pilapil

Angel Aquino

Precious Lara Quigaman

Irma Adlawan

Bianca King

Cherrie Gil

Cherry Pie Picache

Jacklyn Jose

Gladys Reyes

Alessandra De Rosi

Who among them is the most effective?! Now, we will not hate them! Rather we will pick the most among them!

Start casting your votes now for the "Kontrabida of the Year" award. Choice the one who really make a big impact on TV. Choice the one who really created a remarkable mark on TV!

Once again, exercise your right to vote for this category! Voting is officially open now! Deadline will be on January 15, 2011! Announcement of winners will be followed immediately!

So c'mon and vote wisely! Good luck! C",)

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