UFC Champ Georges St. Pierre Fascinates 'Showtime'!

After his practice together with our boxing champ Manny 'Pacman' Paquiao in Elorde Gym just recently which serves like a fans day to all their supporters, the UFC Champ Georges St. Pierre (GSP) shows his other talents in ABS-CBN's talent show "Showtime"!

Yup, this boxing hottie shares his moves and dancing steps to his million viewers during his special number in the said show. The stage eventually filled with fun, happiness, and screams from his million fans!

All in the spirit of fun, GSP moved to the beat and of the music and of his screaming fans. Nice one!

Actually GSP is here in Manila for a 3-day visit to promote UFC on Balls Channel. If you think this could be the last time we could see GSP in public, think again!

Hurray 'cause aside from "Showtime", GSP will also becomes visible later in other TV shows and radio programs for his guesting and press cons. And we can have a longer time to see him during his public training at the SM Mall of Asia! Wow!

Well for those who missed to see GSP during his "Showtime" appearance, here are some photo clips:

As you can see, GSP is really full of enthusiasm and energy during his special dance number! Everybody really becomes happy with his astonishing performance! Great!

With this special number, we can say that GSP is not only a great boxer! He even equip with other talents just like in dancing! Hmmm...why not GSP tries modeling?! Yeah, with his sexy gorgeous body, he can be one of the promising hot commercial model! He can be a hunk billboard model or a sexy cover boy! Why not?! His star then will rise the brightest! Nice one GSP! You're one of my idol! Keep it up! C",)

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