'Imortal' is Finally Set This October!

Finally, the long wait is really over! The time has finally set! It's in October! ...And hoping it would not anymore move!

ABS-CBN recently released their very latest teaser of this much awaited and much anticipated huge fantasy series of the year called "Imortal" which features the first-ever tandem of Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz on Philippine Primetime Television!

In this new teaser, the network already marked the date! It will be this coming October!

The new teaser even more gives a clearer hope to all the avid fans of Angel and JLC since it was not only the date has been pronounced, the main casts and characters have been already identified!

Yup! Besides the two main casts that will be portrayed by Angel and JLC for the characters of Lia and Mateo, other big stars have been named. These were Jomari Yllana, Maricar Reyes, Jake Roxas, Vivian Velez, Rico Blanco, and Jaime Fabregas! Of course expect for the other surprise stars that will also be part of the show!

The revelation of the main characters in the teaser was really exciting and surprising! It's because, we can't easily predict who among them were the villains! Who were good, who were bad, we didn't know!

And of course Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz who would give life to Lia and Mateo posted a perfect 'chemistry' in their first-ever tandem!

Just like you, right now I am also very much excited to see this new vampire-werewolf fantasy series from ABS-CBN specially Angel and JLC were the top cast! I really, really can't wait on this! Hopefully October will be its final day of playdate! But when in October?! And I also wonder which Primetime TV series from the Kapamilya network will be replaced by "Imortal"?! Well, we'll wait and see...! C",)

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  1. Ang Inaabangang Teleserye, Malapit na malapit na. Imortal sa Primetime Bida, Abangan!Lunes October 4. 2010.☺♥☺