Now a Sexier Shaina Magdayao Will Be Paired with Two Hot Hunks!

Shaina Magdayao is now another daring sexy young actress as she portrays the role of "Alyna"! And if she will go sexy for the first time, definitely a counterpart sexy actor will baptize her. And not only one...but two!

Yup, two hot sexy hunks will be the next leading men of Ms. Shaina Magdayao in this upcoming new Precious Hearts Romances Presents offering!

After having sexy actors namely Diether Ocampo and Jake Cuenca in "Rubi" who fought for the heart of Maribel, two new hunks will compete for Alyna!

Former "Agua Bendita" hot leading man, Jason Abalos and main character of the new gay-themed Indie Film "Muli", Sid Lucero will be the two new sizzling leading men of Shaina Magdayao! Two steamy hunks will fight for the heart of a sexy woman! Who will win?! Then who will loose?!

Sid Lucero will be playing the role of Rex, a charismatic man full of fun who will capture the heart of Alyna. But eventually Rex will disappear with no reason while at the same, Alyna is carrying their baby!

During the lost of Rex, Alyna will accidentally meet another man named Dominic! This is played by Jason Abalos. Dominic on the other hand is the opposite of Rex as he was sad, serious, and cold! But Alyna fall for Dominic in the absence of Rex! Dominic then promises Alyna to love her forever!

But during the intense of their relationship, Rex will return and will once again love Alyna! Hmmm...seems that the situation is so complicated!

Now a sexy Alyna is about to choose between these two gorgeous hunks! Which of them will got the sweetest yes of Alyna?!

If in "Rubi", Shaina is so wholesome showing no skin at all although she is acting with two hunks, here in "Alyna", we will see a brand new Shaina Magdayao, so sexy and sharing very intimate scenes with Sid Lucero and Jason Abalos!

Indeed, Shaina is so lucky to have two new gorgeous hot hunks here in her new soap after having two sexy men before in "Rubi"! If I were then to ask you, who between these two hunks will you choose for Alyna, Jason Abalos or Sid Lucero?! C",)

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