Shaina Magdayao Got Her First Daring Role as 'Alyna'!

After playing the physically ill but kind-hearted Maribel in the top-rating Mexiconovela remake "Rubi", Ms. Shaina Magdayao now got her first daring starring role! Shaina will play the title role of "Alyna", another Precious Hearts Romances Presents offering from the precious mind of the great pocketbook author, Martha Cecilia!

"Alyna" is a story of a young beautiful girl who got thirsty with love! Until she finds two men that caught her lonely heart!

"Alyna" first fall inlove to a man who is so active, funny, and charismatic. This man is named as Rex.

But Rex immediately disappears leaving Alyna alone carrying their child in Alyna's womb. Alyna kept searching for Rex until she accidentally finds another man in the person of Dominic! Dominic is a rich, sad, serious and cold man. Alyna then falls inlove so deeply with Dominic!

But when Alyna's heart is now falling with Dominic, Rex then returns! Who will Alyna choose---the man she loved first? Or the man who promises to love her forever?

Well, this is another exciting story to watch in PHR. And expect that a more seductive, a sexier, and a more daring Shaina Magdayao will be seen here! Yup, Shaina is now ready to portray a mature sexy role!

If you can still recall, Shaina Magdayao first stared in a daytime drama wayback 1999 called "Marinella" with Camile Prats and Serena Dalrymple! Then she got a youth-oriented show known as "K To Be You" in 2002 with Bea Alonzo. She even co-stared Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin in "Lobo" in 2008. In the same year, she assumed the role of "Dragonna" in Komiks Presents. In 2009, she is the twin sister of Melissa Ricks in "Kambal Sa Uma". Then just recently, she played the role of Maribel in "Rubi"!

Now it's time for Shaina to bare all her sexiness here in "Alyna" which will launch her as another hot sexy young actress today!

So are you ready to see the brand new hot Shaina?! Then catch her starting this Monday as "Alyna" premieres in Hapontastic block of ABS-CBN right after "Rosalka"! So sizzling...! C",)

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