Matteo Guidicelli is Maja Salvador's Leading Man in 'Inday Sa Balitaw'!

For many of the recent special events like the 2010 Star Magic Ball and the 2010 Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash, we often see Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli together. And all the speculations between these two hot young stars will be ended since in the recent days, we can see more scenes of them together!

Yup, it's because Matteo Guidicelli will be the next leading man of Ms. Maja Salvador! After Sam Milby in "Impostor", Maja is once again paired with another hot hunk leading man!

Matteo Guidicelli will be the leading man of Maja Salvador in the next episode of "Wansapanataym" this coming Saturday. This is "Inday Sa Balitaw", another Inday movie series of Ms. Maricel Soriano. This is the movie wherein the diamond star was joined by the Queen of Philippine Cinema Ms. Susan Roces with Mr. Eddie Gutierrez!

If "Inday Bote" is a simple 'Inday na magbobote', "Inday Sa Balitaw" will be a new 'Inday na maggugulay'! Maja will be playing the role of a veggie vendor girl!

Matteo Guidicelli will be the boy-next door man of Inday. If recently we watched Matteo playing a rich kid in "Agua Bendita", here in this new fantasy series, Matteo will play a simple poor boy! We will see a muddy and dirty Matteo here! But still, though dirty in looks, his handsome charisma and great body physique will still be seen!

Joining Matteo and Maja is the child wonder Timothy Lambert Chan. Yup, this is the little cute boy in "May Bukas Pa" who played the little brother of Maja and the half-brother of Santino (Zaijan Jaranilla). "Inday Sa Balitaw" will serve as the reunion soap of Maja and Timothy!

Well, are you excited to see the new tandem of Maja and Matteo?! Do they have a perfect chemistry?! Will they poster a promising love team?! seems that Matteo has a great resemblance with Kim Bum, the Korean F4 who is Maja's partner in the different RC Cola Commercial. Will Matteo be the local version of Kim Bum?! C",)

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